Betway Casino Review – Scam or safe? Read our Rating

The Betway Casino belongs to the Carmen Media Group. The operating company has been active with online casinos since 1999. This gaming provider has a good name in Scandinavia. Whether this reputation corresponds to the facts is what this Betway review will check.

Is Betway safe? What clearly shows that the Betway Casino has a strong and secure basis is its Malta-license. In addition, the eCOGRA-Seal of Approval is only awarded to online-casinos which operate seriously and treat their customers fairly. However, there are indeed some weaknesses at Betway Casino. Especially the payout modalities must be presented more transparently, even if the payouts themselves work well. In this Betway rating, there are also some minus points regarding the customer support. On the other hand, the high bonus for new players is very good.

Betway Review – Selling points at a glance

+ Malta-license

+ 1,000 Euro/pound bonus for new customers

+ eCOGRA-Seal of Approval

Betway Casino Review: The majority of customers are satisfied

There are some negative Betway Casino reviews to be found on the Internet. Especially regarding payouts, the lack of transparency is often admonished. Even with the bonus conditions, there seems to be irritations time and again. This is not necessarily due to the bonus conditions themselves, but more because the players do not inform themselves properly. The conditions though are entirely and correctly stated and within the normal limits. On the basis of the bonus conditions, nobody can seriously talk about a Betway scam.

Betway Casino Bonus: Up to 1,000 Euros / Pounds for new players

The first three deposits are rewarded with bonus payments. The first two bonuses amount to a maximum of €/£ 250 (100 percent and 25 percent). The third bonus amounts to a maximum of €/£ 500 (50 percent). Every deposit bonus must be played through at least 40 times, before being allowed to withdraw the funds. This requirement is still barely acceptable, but due to this, the bonus offers are not really attractive. Moreover, there are some deadlines regarding the different bonus offers which must be met, or else the bonus offers expire. Not to forget, Bwin Casino and Eurogrand have a bonus to offer as well.

Betway Casino Payouts: Is Betway safe or scam?

It is not unusual for an online casino to delay payouts with a waiting time period. However, most online casinos indicate how long this waiting is, as well as the processing time to be expected. On the other hand at Betway, the customer must either guess or ask the support for this information. In addition, the details given by the customer support are not always precise. So…is Betway scam? No, my Betway review emphasizes only good payouts experiences and in spite of the shortcomings, I would still say that the Betway is safe. Nevertheless, it is clear that at least the transparency with payouts must be considerably improved. How well do other casinos handle payouts? Check out our experiences with the Cabaret Club Casino and the NetBet Casino.

Betway free: Registration without deposit

Not only is the casino software free of charge, the registration is possible without having to deposit anything onto the customer account. Who simply wants to have a look at the Betway casino, in order to form a personal opinion, whether a Betway scam exists or not, there is no need to play with real money at once. In the free play mode, it is absolutely possible to test many functions and to get a first impression of the provider.

Betway Casino Support: Some unattractive shortcomings

My biggest problem with the customer service at Betway is the lack of expertise. Whenever I ask an exact question for a specific game, regarding payouts modalities or bonus conditions, I normally get the pre-cut answer, which I could have read on the website as well. This is a nasty problem, since particularly the customer service should actually be able to answer any question regarding the casino. This is a negative point in my Betway review. What is even more annoying is that the email-support takes a long time before replying. I have even waited up to 3 days for a reply in the past and it was not even the weekend.


Screenshot of the Betway Casino


You do not really feel at home at Betway Casino? Then maybe you should visit another casino. I really like to spend time at the following online casinos:

EuroGrand: When someone offers me a /€/£ 1,000 bonus, I don’t think twice. However, a lot of players know that high bonus offers are not always serious. At EuroGrand this is a different story, since the bonus condition are not only fair, they are even really good. In addition, the good quality of the casino is beyond words. My own personal favorites are the live-dealer games, because they truly replace a visit at an offline casino. The fact that PayPal payments are allowed is also good.

CasinoClub: In my opinion, CasinoClub is the number 1, when it comes down to roulette and other classic casino games. On the technical side, the games have been perfectly converted and there are a lot of small details that prove that the games were developed by passionate casino fans. I also like the fact that payments can be made by PayPal. My own experiences vouch emphatically that there is no doubt regarding the seriousness of this online casino. The roulette games always drag me back to CasinoClub again and again. The €250-bonus could also appeal to many new customers.

Sunmaker: Who has always wanted to see a really good slot machine casino on the Internet, always ends up at Sunmaker. This reliable and respectable casino has fascinated me for years now, because the slots at this provider are always a small step ahead of the competition, if not large steps. Registration is sweetened for new players with a fair bonus of up to 300 Euros.

Conclusion: Serious provider with some unpleasant defects

Signs of a Betway scam have not been found in this Betway Casino review. In my opinion, the lack of transparency during payouts is more due to clumsiness or lack of professionalism, but not a dubious business practice. Especially since there are only few complaints about payout problems online. My own Betway rating is good, because my payouts have always been carried out correctly. Nevertheless, the bad customer support is especially unpleasant, since one expects the customer service to stand by the customer helpfully when problems or questions arise. Is Betway safe? Yes, because the basis for a serious casino operation is at hand, in the form of the Malta-license and the eCOGRA-Seal of Approval. However, the Betway Casino gives away part of this positive potential.

You do not agree at all with our Betway review? This is regrettable, but since this is a report based on experience, you could easily reach a different conclusion. What would your Betway Casino review look like? Is Betway scam? Is Betway safe? Do you believe that it is a completely serious online casino?